I am a soldier to the bitter end

Site info and layout credits

This fanlisting was opened on December 31st, 2019, after being approved by TAFL. The old fanlisting and member list (unaffiliate with me) can be found here. The title "aldebaran" comes from the star, and means "the follower" in arabic. It's the name I've wanted to use for a shrine to Athrun for years, because I felt the meaning applied well to his character in the series.

The layout mainly features an image from the October page of the 2011 Gundam SEED calendar, drawn by Ogasawara Tomofumi. The image used in the card is from the artbook, and both are from Minitokyo. Fonts used are Didot TL Std, Playfair Display, and 04b25 for the codes.

The King of Hearts and Six of Hearts cards are from Rosebein, and are a reference to his personality (King of Hearts), and his birthday (Six of Hearts). Other resources used are from accio-glow and more from Rosebein. Everything was made with Adobe Photoshop.